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  Alumni Relations & Fundraising


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  Analytics & Reporting

Position Security in ODS Reporting (B) - Michael Hansen, Oregon State University
How we established and implemented position based security in our ODS / Business Intelligence reporting structure.

Enterprise Reporting with ODS (B) - Michael Hansen, Oregon State University
How OSU successfully implemented ODS - what worked, what didn't, problems and solutions, including a cost analysis of why OSU chose the solution we did.

Data Warehouse Architecture (B) - Michael Chacon, College of Western Idaho
There are two general areas of focus within a professionally designed information system. The first, and most important, is focused on the operational requirements of the organization and is optimized in a way that supports the various departmental interests in a manner that provides actionable information required by the end users to perform their specific tasks. The second is focused on the underlying technology designed and deployed in an approach that follows best practices to provide an information system that is available, reliable, flexible, interoperable, scalable, secure, and consistent in support of the operational area. The data warehouse is de-normalized, which means that redundant data can reside in multiple areas. The reason for this is to create a model that presents information to the users in manner that is intuitive and self documenting. The corollary to this characteristic is that once data is delivered to the warehouse it is not modified. It is a historical record of the real-time information managed by the operational database through the application. If information is discovered in the data warehouse that is inaccurate then it must be modified in a methodical policy driven manner in the operational database, ideally through the application. This characteristic ensures that the normalized architecture of the operational data stores maintains the single authoritative source of each data element throughout the data warehouse and data marts.


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  Business & Finance

Roundtable: Changes to 1098T Reporting (All) - TBD
How are schools handling system changes for 1098T reporting? https://www.irs.gov/businesses/small-businesses-self-employed/for-colleges-and-universities-irs-provides-limited-penalty-relief-for-filers-of-form-1098-t-tuition-statement.

Modernizing Your Budget Process (B/C) - Tony Ard, Kaufman Hall
Move beyond legacy systems and offline spreadsheets for your institution's budgeting and planning. Learn how to advance your budget process by utilizing modern cloud-based technologies. A unified enterprise performance management platform can integrate data from numerous source systems – including Banner and Colleague – to create and monitor budgets and forecasts, and conduct reporting and analyses within a single system. Kaufman Hall will share budgeting best practices and demonstrate how Kaufman Hall's Axiom software can streamline your budget process.

Power UP Colleague and Banner by Ellucian (All) - Chris Beckstrand & Bryan Carmichael, ACI Worldwide
Power UP - with knowledge on all the Self-Service modules available to you today, including proxy payments, student finance, financial aid and student planning. Keep UP - with services already available to you within your current Colleague or Banner system. Learn about ACH disbursements. Gear UP - with a business case for utilizing Ellucian for all your campus eCommerce needs. Consider moving to a service fee or split fee model to save up to 94% of tuition payment processing costs.


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  Enrollment Management & Student Success

Ruling the Rules (C) - Mary Collins, Willamette University
Using examples from Registration Restrictions and Degree Audit, we'll look at how rules work (and some ways that they don't.)

Herding Cats toward the Commencement Stage (C) - Laura Jacobs Anderson, Willamette University
Come see how Willamette University gets our graduating seniors to pay attention to Commencement details when they're in the final semester of their undergraduate careers.

What's New with Colleague Student (C) - Debbie Smith, Ellucian
In this session, we'll share the latest updates on recent Colleague Student deliveries, projects in flight, and future plans on the horizon.

Campus Orgs: Making Lemonade (C) - Peter Morgan, Pacific University
Come share how you make the most of Colleague's Campus Orgs screens.

Panel Discussion: CRM Systems for Prospective Students (All) - Steve Mason & Angela Skeie, Pacific University; Celeste McCormick, Lewis-Clark State College; Kim Channpraseut, College of Western Idaho; Rex Burch, College of Idaho
There are multiple CRM systems to choose from which target prospective students for higher education institutions. Come to a panel discussion to hear about the pros and cons of the different solutions, how each institution has established its support structure for the products, and what is and isn't working well. Bring your own experiences and share with other schools.


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  Financial Aid

Round Table: Financial Aid (All) - TBD
Requested Session: email sessions@nweug.com to run this roundtable. Support/ideas available.

FA~Link, a Real-Time Financial Aid Interface to your Campus Bookstore (All) - Leila MacCarthy, Trimdata
Replace old inefficient processes with an automated system. Replace using Book Vouchers, Batch files, or disbursing excess FA too early. Implement a two‐way, real‐time interface between Ellucian Financial Aid/3rd party funds and the Campus bookstore. Students have easy access to course materials before classes start. Admins have a streamlined process that reduces errors and eliminates manual labor. Charges are authorized and posted on the student account in real-time. Works with most Bookstore systems including Follett, Barnes & Nobles, MBS, Booklog, Nebraska, eCampus, Akedemos, BBA Solutions, and more.

What's new with Colleague Financial Aid (C) - Michelle Taylor (remote) & Tracy Williams, Ellucian
Coming soon!


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  General Interest

Valuing People over Process and Tools (All) - Brian Fariss, College of Western Idaho
Does it sometimes feel like your entire work life has been reduced to either being just a user or IT? Does it sometimes feel like there is tension around getting your needs met? You aren't alone! Discover how you can restore feelings of collaboration and get things done with less stress. Using case studies, attendees will learn actionable skills to put people and interactions over the tools, so that solutions are made with the end goal in sight, not in a mire of endless unmet needs and desires.

Beyond Imaging: The Next Generation of Paperless (All) - Tom O'Rourke, Softdocs
The idea of the 'paperless institution' has evolved over the years. From basic imaging and paper file conversions, to modern day enterprise content management platforms, schools are looking for technology to help meet growing demands from students and staff alike. Their expectation for immediate access to relevant content from any device at any time is forcing institutions to eliminate paper and create a true centralized repository for information. Join us for a look at best practices around automating common HR, finance and student services processes to assist in creating a campus-wide 'paperless' initiative.

Panel Discussion: Choose your own (name) Adventure (C) - Mike Osterman, Whitman College; Steve Mason, Pacific University; Kathy Tymoczko, Lewis and Clark College
With the release of SU017515-1805*51 in June 2017, Ellucian began its support for a person to indicate a "chosen" first, middle, and last name as an alternative to their legal name entered in NAE. It has several advantages over other workarounds used to help those whose identity doesn't match their legal name. Staff from Pacific, Lewis and Clark, and Whitman served on the customer CAB for this feature; they will discuss what Chosen Name offers now and in the near future, and their institutions' implementation plans.

Excel Tips & Tricks (All) - Peter Morgan, Pacific University
Another installment of "50 tips in 50 minutes" (more or less.) Some new material, some tips worth hearing again.

Panel Discussion: How do you host a Regional Conference? (All) - Mary Collins, Willamette University; Michael Quiner & Lena Spencer, Linn-Benton Community College; Celeste McCormick, Lewis-Clark State College
NWEUG is often hosted and presented by our tried-and-true list of generous, usual suspects. And that's getting a little unsustainable. Come to this session if you're curious about the "how" of putting on this conference, including the to-do list and budget template that will be passed on to next year.

Plenary Session: Empowering Students in the Era of Consumerization (All) - Tracy Williams, Senior Director of Product Management, Ellucian
Ellucian’s ERP solutions are built for tomorrow and ready today. You can access them on the go, without training and leverage automation. Banner, Colleague and Power Campus are ready for you with an innovative and modern interface. Join us to see what is the planned for the future, what improvements have been made and how it can help your institution.

Round Table: What Area-Specific Sessions do we need at next NWEUG? (All) - Mary Collins, Willamette
When the call for sessions comes out, most of us are so hip deep in our day to day work that we don't remember how much it would help everyone else to know about our challenges and triumphs. Especially if your area's offerings were thin this year, come brainstorm topics to offer for the consideration of next NWEUG's presenters.


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  Human Resources

What's new with Banner HR? (B) - Gideon Sanstra, Ellucian
Join us to learn more about what’s here and what’s coming for Banner Human Resources. View the new modernized user interface, improved accessibility and usability improvements to help all users. See key examples of the forms. We will explore the new functionalities like consolidated Employee Self-service, and enhanced Effort Reporting and Labor Redistribution.

Round Table: Human Resources / Faculty Services (All) - Sandra LeHoullier, Linn-Benton Community College


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  Information Technology

Interfacing 3rd party HCM and ERP systems into the Colleague world with a hybrid ELF Import (C) - Bryan Cook, Willamette University
Willamette University has taken a best-of-breed approach to Enterprise Applications. Come learn about the challenges and opportunities of integrating data between multiple systems. A Colleague specific technical companion to Brian Hoyt's round-table discussion of Enterprise Data Management.

Migration to the Ellucian Cloud: a Banner Journey (B) - Bill Kernan & Kolis Crier, Western Oregon University
An overview of a successful collaborative process of moving Banner and Degree Works to the Ellucian Cloud service. From prep and planning to GO LIVE to steady state production support.

Roundtable: Colleague Technical Client Advisory Board (C) - Celeste McCormick & Kathy Tymoczko, Lewis-Clark State College
The Colleague Technical Client Advisory Board ("CAB") is a standing group of client representatives that provides a voice of the client base to Ellucian regarding technology and business improvements for Colleague. The CAB is tactical and strategic and works for you! Come meet with two CAB reps to discuss topics important to you and how the CAB can advocate on your behalf.

Panel Discussion: How are YOU planning to replace WebAdvisor? (C) - Celeste McCormick, Lewis-Clark State College & Mike Osterman, Whitman University
Ellucian recently announced a "soft" end-of-life date of December 2020 for WebAdvisor. If your institution is dependent on WebAdvisor, how are you going to replace it? Join our panelists to learn about the approaches their institutions are taking. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own suggestions and questions to spur the discussion.

Add import/export to custom Envision processes using S_RIA_TRANSFER (C) - Bonnie Reeves, Whitworth University
Have your users tried the Export to Excel feature delivered on several Colleague reports, and now would like the same functionality on custom reports and processes you have developed? This session will detail the different pieces needed to add the export to Excel functionality to Envision reports and processes using S_RIA_TRANSFER. Importing files from within a process is also possible.

Round Table: Information Technology (All) - Steve Mason, Pacific University

What's in it for me? The joys of being an Ellucian beta testing institution (All) - Joan Bowen & Bob Franklin, Lewis-Clark State College
We'll discuss Lewis-Clark State College's experience as an Ellucian pre-load client since 2013. We'll examine the costs and benefits from the IT and Registrar's Office perspectives. Use our lessons learned to help you decide if being a beta tester could be advantageous for you.

Using the Colleague API for Realtime Website Updates (C) - Timothy Gilman, Willamette University
Willamette University has developed a checklist webpage for incoming students so that they can see which tasks they have completed and which they have not yet done. One of those tasks, Updating Emergency Contact Information, is completed with Colleague Self-Service. This session will go over the process and details of using the Colleague API in realtime to determine if a student has completed this task or not.

Examples and Tips for using SQL to access Colleague Data (C) - Rich Hinz, Whitman College
Examples of SQL functions and queries useful to accessing Colleague data and to SQL in general. Participants are encouraged to share their experiences with SQL and Colleague as well.

Extensibility 101 (B) - Gideon Sanstra, Ellucian
Banner Extensibility provides tools for extending baseline Banner to offer institution-specific functionality that persists across upgrades without the need for traditional customizations. Get an in-depth understanding of when and how to use each of the extensibility tools.

The Connected Campus using the Ellucian Ethos Platform (All) - Gideon Sanstra, Ellucian
The Ellucian Ethos Platform is a collection of features and cloud services designed to enable the modern campus and bring people, applications, and processes into a unified understanding. In this session we will discuss how the Ellucian Ethos Platform can help make systems integrations easier, break down data silos and transform how you manage business processes at your institution.

Web Front End Automation with Selenium and PowerShell (All) - Collin Skiles, Willamette University
Many vendors are migrating from native clients to browser-based front ends for their products. This opens the way for automated regression testing and data entry via browser automation. Selenium is an open-source suite of browser automation tools. This presentation will discuss use cases for Selenium in the context of enterprise applications, and demonstrate the use of the Selenium WebDriver C# bindings in Windows PowerShell. Automated data entry and retrieval in Colleague UI 5.5 will be used as an example.


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  Strategy & Planning

Visibility and Transparency -- Transforming Organizational Data into Actionable Information (All) - Michael Chacon, College of Western Idaho
The essence of higher education is transferring knowledge. There are many strategies and approaches to realizing this definitive value throughout our institutions and into the broader culture. Each institution has its own historical cultural context to work within to explore and implement these strategies. What is common among all institutions of higher learning is that innovative ideas and approaches to transferring knowledge are dependent upon the expertise within each organization. The degree of effectiveness each organization will realize is dependent upon the visibility and transparency of the actionable information derived from the data within the organization. This session discusses a framework that supports the transformation of business data into actionable information and how to prioritize initiatives based upon the self-defined potential value derived from those initiatives. I will talk through the structure required to work out the inevitable conflicting priorities when including large swaths of the organization. I will also facilitate the discussion regarding the practicalities of managing the interactions and impediments identified while representing the various organizational areas. This is accomplished by identifying specific representatives for each area to clearly and authoritatively define their unique requirements. This framework considers these disparate voices and objectively helps the organization prioritize the overall work. Following the Agile/Lean visibility of work principles provides a view into the work from all areas of the organizational perspective. This visibility makes it easy to see if all areas are appropriately represented and that all prioritization of work considers the overall picture of any desired functional implementation.

Towards an Enterprise Architecture (All) - Michael Chacon, College of Western Idaho
The fundamental approach to an Enterprise Architecture is to conceptualize domains or areas of functionality into distinct abstraction layers. By organizing the approach into these discrete areas we can concurrently focus on the individual architecture domains without compromising the other areas. This becomes even more useful as we work concurrently within each domain. The progress or lack of progress in one area will not directly impede the efforts within the others. The Enterprise Architect facilitates the threads of communication amongst the managers of each domain to identify and mitigate risks that may arise as a result of cross domain dependencies.

Lions, tigers, and alternative IT sourcing, Oh, My! (All) - Kim Channpreseut, College of Western Idaho
There are a number of considerations when assessing managed services, cloud sourcing, insourcing, and outsourcing models. Come and join in on this informal discussion and share your IT sourcing experiences and recommendations.

CIO Meet and Greet (All) - Tracy Williams, Senior Director of Product Management, Ellucian


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